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Align Yourself Full Program List

Align Yourself One on One Coaching Program

The Align Yourself One on One coaching program is designed for those NTPS/NTCS who want a very personalized business growth skill setting environment.  This program is designed for the person who wants to dig right into what they think is holding themselves back from growing their NT business.  I will assess your situation, including time management, getting clear on your vision for the business,  mindset, fear based patterns in business and actions that are holding you back from your goals.  We will work together to create an enviornment that brings positivity to your actions while creating actionable steps that begin to move you toward growing the business that your truly envision.  We will marry the inner game and outer game together, at your pace and for you specifically.

What will be included;


  •   The 4 week Aligh Yourself program in full.

  •   All of the bonus materials that the group classes receive.

  •   All of the reference materials, including books, videos, classes and other items that have been     influential to my business growth over the years.

  •  All 4 recording to correspond with each chapter in the progam.

  •  You will receive personalized materials that I design just for you.  They may be surveys, questions, thoughts in email and more.  This will be specific to you and your needs.


We will have 3 phone calls or google hangout calls to dive into your goals and work on an actionable plan.  The first call will go over all of your goals and what you feel is holding you back.  Here we will assess and create a plan for our time together.  Then we will have two follow up calls that will discuss pieces of the materials in the course but more we will focus on really diving into your very specific situation and create actionable steps to move you toward your business goals.  As NTPS/NTCS you know what this looks like from working one on one with clients.  It is all about finding out what motivates you to make positive change.  Using my years of personal and business development coupled with helping you create and foster a clear vision for your business, we set the stage for growth.  All along, while having an accountability partner to help you to take actionable steps toward your goals of building a thriving NT practice.

This is the deepest work program.

Cost for One on One coaching.

Introductory price;


Early bird special

$259 if purchase before June 15th 2016

Align Yourself for your clients

As a Nutritional Therapist, we are here to guide our clients to better health.  We know that having compliancy and lasting results is more than just knowing what to do, but having the kind of mindset to do it over and over for a lifestyle change.  Often clients are coming you for a big change in their lives and their health.  With the right mindset, change can be easier and truly be life altering.  NTPS/NTCS are not psychologists and you should each know where your expertise ends and a referral out to a qualified mental professional begins.  Though, with that said; we are the client's nutritional and wellness advocates and with that we do need to work on a mindset shift.  Often a clien't subconscious programing has taught them that sugar is something to put on a pedistal, that eating healthy is a diet and that feeling great comes with a hefty price of strictness and restriction.  I know a lot of NTPS/NTCS do not want to hold their client's hands and walk them through the mental shift that needs to take place.  Though, remember that often teaching your clients new nutritional habits will last if they see eating healthy as a privellage and feel gratefu for every healthy bite vs. feeling deprived and missing their best friend (the junk food) when times get tough.  Also, the mindset of learning to relax, meditate consistently, feeling calmer mentally absolutely has an affect on blood sugar, cortisol and the adrenals.  It is very important for our clients to have a mindset that is not complaining and very negative because this of course causes the body to move into a sympathetic dominant state where digestion slows, healing can slow and progress can take a back seat.

This mini course will provide you with the following;

  • 4 areas of the midset to affect behavior; subconscious thoughts, gratitude, the reason why we change and blueprint for success in change.  I will give you a short brief on each area and how they affect mindset.

  • A to do guide to help your clients feel more confident, more grateful and more compliant with the changes to their nutritional habits.

  • A cheat sheet with the 10 top exercises that help my clients change their health behaviors easier.

  • A cheat sheet with the 10 best ways to change a client's dialogue from negative to positive while working on their health and nutrition goals.

  • A cheat cheat on the 5 top ways a client can keep themselves motivated to eat healthfully for the long run.

Diets don't work for a good reason.  They cause people misery.  Often clients call NTPS/NTCS with the begrudging idea that they will be miserable, restricted and feeling like they are missing out while evreyone around them is happy.  If the NTP/NTCS can look this client in the eyes and let them know that the media tricks us into thinking junk food and negative health behaviors are something to be missed and we can show them how fun and enjoyable eating clean food is, well then I believe we have won bigger in our jobs than we will ever know.

This program will give you some tools to help the clients be as grateful for their health as possible.

Coming soon...stay tuned.

Align Yourself cheat sheets

For those of you who just want some easy and fun exercises you can use in your business and or with your clients to create a stronger mindset, this will be perfect for you.

Including with the cheat sheets;

  • One cheat sheet on my top 2 exercises to do for feeling a stronger level of gratitude and positive thinking

  • One cheat sheet with one of my favorite exercises for marrying your inner game (mindset and vision) and the outer game ( tasks to grow your business).  If you use this with clients only use the mindset and vision techniques.

  • One cheat sheet on understading your blueprint and using it to your benefit

Cheat sheets

Introductory cost


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