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Hi, I'm Shauna.  The creator of the Align Yourself programs.  Why is it that some of us scream our truths while other whisper them?  Why is it that some of us struggle more than others in growing a business?  There is a beautiful and unique mariage between our vision/mindset and our business skills.  Here we learn to have a more harmonious marriage between them to grow a  thriving Nutritional Therapy Practice.  Just choose which program is right for you and see you there!

Which Program is right for you?  Browse from one of our packages below or set up your free 20 minute phone consultation to chat more about your goals.

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Welcome to Align Yourself for Nutritional Therapists.

Here you learn to marry your inner game (mindset and vision) with your outer game (business skills and actions) to grow your Nutritional Therapy practice.



I enrolled in the Align Yourself Program because something was missing from my
business. I felt like I was doing everything mostly right, but wasn’t getting the results
that I wanted or thought should be getting.
Shauna helped me by lining up my inside game with what I was already doing for the
outside game. She didn’t stop there, while growing on the inside, she was giving me
the tools to fine tune my actions to align with my desires. The program helped me
discover that what I was doing wasn’t aligning with what I truly want out of my
The results of these methods was more than I hoped for when I enrolled. My true
desires were uncovered, I was given simple, yet powerful, actions and now my
business is growing in the direction that I truly want. I found the experience to be fun
and sometimes a little uncomfortable, but worth every minute.
I would recommend Align Yourself to anyone who feels that something is missing in
their NTP/NTC business. This program will align what you truly want for your business
with every action you’re taking or not taking.
Cara Ricci NTP


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"I was beyond impressed with the quality of this course, it seemed like each week's activities were exactly what I needed in order to 'get out of my own way' at that time!  You can tell years of research has gone into the material and even from week 1 I was noticing positive shifts in my business after following the advice in the program, now whenever I hit a road block I'm able to recall something from the program to help me continue to move forward " 

Annette Nutritional Therapist


The goal of each program is to guide you in identifying a strong and clear vision for your business and role with in it.  Aligning that clear vision with action steps that create a thriving and successful business.  All along working on the most important part of the puzzle; your mindset.  There must be a strong marriage between the inner game (minset and vision) and the outer game (business skills and action steps) for a company to grow  and continue growing.  The main difference between the programs is whether you will enjoy working on your own, in a group or one one one with me as your coach. Below each program is described in detail.


 Click the Read more Programs button to view all the programs we offer.

Align Yourself NTP/NTC group program

The group coaching program's goal is to align you with other NTPS/NTCS who are all working on a common goal.  To have accountability partners, including me.  You can discuss what works and what doesn't, give advice, get advice and feel supported. 

What will be included in the 4 week group program; 

Week 1-mindset and vison

Week 2-How to get yourself to be seen

Week 3-Building a foundation of action steps to growing your practice.  

Week 4-Putting the pieces together and using your clear vision, mindset and business skills to take actionable steps for a thriving practice.

  • You will receive one chapter per week with the course material sent via email and uploaded in a private group.

  • You will receive one recorded call from me going over the week's course material and an introductory call describing what to expect for the course.

  •  Each week we will have a live question and answer call for up to one hour and it will be recorded so you can listen later if you can't make it.

  •  A private group page. This will be where we all communicate, give support, discuss questions and where documents are uploaded.

  •  Email support.  I am happy to receive emails from each of you letting me know how the week is going and if you have any questions; I am hear to answer them.

  • Bonus materials for that week's chapter to work on at your leisure.  Also, I will provide everyone with references to videos, books and more.  I put together a list of the speakers and work that has been influential for me over the years.

  • Support; even though this program is packed with information, I really wanted to have a group that is working together and helping each other flourish.

Introductory price  


Early bird special

$99 still going!

Next class will be announced shortyl but reserve your spot today.  If you want to set up a time to speak about the program please call 714-270-2337 to set up your free consult.

Align Yourself homestudy program

The Align Yourself home study program is a guide that provides all the materials that are received in the group program but the focus is working at your own pace on an individual basis vs. being in a group setting.

What is included with the home study program;

  •  You will receive the Aligh Yourself full program ( 4 chapters) that work through marrying the inner and outer game of your NT practice.  It is the exact same program that you would see in the group program.

  •  You will receive all 4 of my recordings going over each chapter.

  •  You will receive bonus materials that correspond to each chapter.  These bonus materials will be steps to take to grow your confidence, consistency and business through actionable steps but that you can implement at your own pace.

  •  You wil receive all the reference materials.  Videos, books and any materials that have really made an impression on my business growth over the years.

The main difference between the group program and the home study program is the interaction. 

The question to ask is if you want to have group support and accountability vs. working as an individual?

Introductory home study program cost;


Early bird special.


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A little about me and why I created Align Yourself.

 I graduated from the NTA in 2010 and have loved being a Nutritional Therapist since.  Being an NTP became one of my great loves.  I feel incredibly blessed that I was gifted the knowlege to build health through nutrition and lifestyle.

Even though I have felt a great sense of gratitude for being a NTP, I did not neccessarily understand how to run a business or how to have a business mindset.  I struggled for years with charging, organization, motivation to keep going when things are tough, understanding my financial worth, etc...  It takes a seriously strong mindset to be a business owner.  I began to study endlessly by taking course after course, reading book after book, countless hours of research and personal experience on what type of mindset and clear vision it takes to have a successful practice.  Also, I spent countless hours on business development and what action steps are neccessary to make ourselves known and heard by the community.

My thousands of hours of researcch on self/ business development helped me grow but I see so many NTPS/NTCS struggling to grow their businesses.  I wondered if I could help others with what I have learned.  That brings me to this spot in my life.  I want to be of service in any way I know how to help each of you amazing practitioners grow a thriving practice.  I don't have all the answers of course, but I have learned some great techniques to build confidence, have a business mindset and how to take the type of actions that begins to build a stronger practice.  I feel honored and humbled to be an NTP.  My hope is this program will bring inner strength in your confidence and midset, vision for your business development and help you move closer to your dreams of a strong practice.

Favorite quotes that sum it all up for me!

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