Our programs are designed to help your bring your vision to life. Healthier, happier, well rested and just feeling well balanced.
I am happy to offer you a free 30 minute consultation to discuss your goals.

Nutritional Therapy

Getting Clear Package;

Includes an evaluation plus a follow up. Here we will get super clear.

1-Evaluation of health history, core reasons you are looking for guidance, getting to the root of the problem you are facing and what steps we will take working together and short term goal setting.
2-Follow up appointment will be a discovery session of how we go about bringing your vision to life with an action plan that we decide together. It may be to lose weight, feel more energy, work on an auto-immune disease, digestive issues, sleep better, work on an addiction or just feel your best. Here we set your goals into motion.

Now that you are clear and in action oriented motion toward your health and wellness goals, we decide together which services work best for you.

Here are a few services you may be interested in;

1- Can choose between individual visits VS a package that suits you best. My packages range from 6,12 and 18 sessions depending on the depth of what we are trying to accomplish.

All packages include meal guidance, shopping list info, supplement info, protocol design and goal setting.

2-Shopping tours and or home visits, including cooking lessons

3-Working with the entire family to create a family health plan

We also are proud to customize a plan that fits your needs.