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We offer many different types of nutritional counseling programs. Come find out which one will fit perfectly into your life.

$99 for a six month total Nutrition Fat Loss Program on line.

We all need a little extra support.  Here is an opportunity to have the support you will need to make the small changes each week to get you closer to your goals.

What you will get with this on line program

1-    One email per week that will give you techniques and action plans for 7 days.  This email will include a new recipe for the week, a specific task for general weight loss, an email hand out that will help you formulate goals, macro nutrient ratios, calories goal setters,  time frames and staying on track goals to work toward.

2-    One quarterly Skype session or phone session for 20 minutes to ask any questions you may have with a follow up email giving specific answers to all of your questions.

3-    If you choose to come into the office for a full Nutritional Evaluation and initial plan of action that will be specifically for you, then you will receive a 50% discount for your visit.  This is a value of $150.00  You are entitled to this evaluation and initial plan for $75.  Includes  a gift certificate to hand to any person you choose to get the same full evaluation and action plan for 50% off as well. 

4-    Any supplementation you may be interested in during our evaluation you will receive 10% off as well.

5-    Once a month you will receive a newsletter and or article pertaining to the monthly goals at no extra cost.

6-    If you sign up with a friend, family member or co-worker at the same time each person will pay $79.99 for the entire 6 month on line program.  We all need a good partner to work with, pick yours and let’s get started!!

How to get started right now.   It is easy!


2-Call me directly to start your on line program right away. You can pay by credit card, check or pay pal.

One of the options above is one great step toward achieving your goals. What are you waiting for?


Shauna Tolchinsky
Nutritional Therapist, CHFS, Instructor for GATR Weight Loss
First Wholistic LLC

Get At The Roots Weight Loss Program


1- Four Week personalized weight loss plan includes; valued at over $600.  Please call for current  monthly specials.

 Full Initial Evaluation

Body Fat/BMI testing,  measurements, weight, 4 visits to create weight loss goals and weekly plan, meal plans written down for protein, healthy fats, carbohydrates and snacks, re-evaluation and long term goal discussion.  We will also talk about supplementation, any blood work you have and Food sensitivity testing.  These subjects can be important to weighht loss. First Wholistic will provide each person with a pamphlet some important information in your program. This can be a great tool to bring back to each appointment to take important notes and reminders.  Includes two supplements that we choose based on evaluation.

2- Six week personalized weight loss plan includes; valued at $800 Please call for current monthly specials

Everything in the four week, including two extra visits,  recipes, discussion and written list on books list based on your specific lifestyle, iodine efficiency testing and pH testing which can be important to successful weight loss.  Includes two supplements based on evaluation.

Group Program includes;

Get At The Roots is a 12 week weight loss plan that focuses on the underlying causes of weight gain, like hormonal imbalances, heavy metal toxins, brain chemistry, food sensitivities and digestive issues. Every week we will uncover one underlying cause in a group setting. You will learn what is keeping you from your ideal body. Then together we create a plan to naturally balance each underlying cause so the pounds will naturally fall off, quickly moving you towards your ideal body weight. This is a holistic and scientific based weight loss program. We provide you with a set amount of protein, carbohydrate and healthy fat ratios that are tailored specifically for your body, lean body mass and activity level. The goal here is to speed up your metabolism to burn fat!This isn’t your frozen meals, shake or calories counting program. This is tailor made for you and your goals. So, what are your health goals? Lets work together to get you there!This program will teach you… how to live happily everyday… with whole foods and a healthy lifestyle that creates balance for your hormones, blood sugar, digestion and brain chemistry, etc.Review testimonials at

IMPORTANT NOTE; If you want to get together a group of friends or family of 4  people or more, you 12 week weight loss class will be FREE!

Call me for details on group classes.

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Nutritional Therapy

You will have a clear picture of why your body is not working as efficiently as it could. If you are looking for a pro-active approach to health and wellness, you have come to the right place. Often our society lives in a re-active mindset, though we can and should live in a pro-active mindset. Continuously improving our health is the key to achieving as much of a quality state of life as possible. We will review our findings step by step so you have clear plan of action. You will become educated about your body and the systems within it. How they function, how they dysfunction, and why. We believe that for positive change to occur, one must be educated about the importance of that change. I adhere to the practices of the Nutritional Therapy Association. This foundational approach toward health and wellness will improve your eating habits and educate you on your body’s needs. The by-product of a pro-active approach is that you will naturally have more energy on a consistent basis rather than spikes of energy throughout your day. You will begin to feel and see a healthier you. Usually a by-product of this program will be a sense of empowerment about your choices of food, products and your approach to wellness. Also, we will work together to achieve many of your health goals, including weight management. I will design a temporary supplemental plan if we see that you are not getting something you may need directly from your diet. The goal is to eat foods that the body uses for fuel and to use that fuel to achieve the things that take energy, being everything you do. Our consultation will be 2-3 visits. The first is you and I getting to know each other and discuss my findings from the paperwork you will fill out before our consultation. Then we will come up with a plan that suits your needs and comfort level for a specific amount of time, generally 1-3 months. We will meet for a follow-up appointment to review all of your results and progress. We can at that time decide what is working best and if it is time to create a maintenance plan for you.

Certified Healing Food Specialist Program (CHFS) Grocery Store Readiness

I have my certification as a Healing Food Specialist which means that I work one on one with my clients in several areas of there lives, which is extremely helpful because you can choose how in-depth you would like our consultation to be: 1-Personal Tutorial on product use, food storage & consumption, and oils storage & consumption. We can teach you how to stock your shelves, creating an easy and successful plan for efficient dietary intake. For example, do you stock the snacks at eye level? What you see first, you eat first. Where do you store your oil? Temperature for different types of oils is extremely important to consumption. 2-Personal Shopping experience. I will take you shopping and teach you how to make smart shopping decisions based on a healthy nutritionally-dense diet and your personal needs. You will be amazed how easy it is to buy the right things when you know what they are and how to navigate around a supermarket. It will also amaze you how much money you will save in the process! Eating healthy is a lifestyle choice and may not always come as cheap but I can teach you how to get the best prices in general and how to utilize your food properly. For example, if you generally pay $2.00 for a carton of eggs and you are not getting the nutrients from them, you have wasted $2.00. Though, if you pay $3.00 or $4.00 for a carton of eggs and you are ingesting the proper nutrients then you have spent your money wisely. Saving $1.00 just to save it and not getting what your body needs is not a bargain in my book. I want to teach you how to maximize your dollars and get the most from your food. This also includes how to read food & merchandise labels properly and what to look for. You will be able to walk through a supermarket, farmers market or wherever you will shop with a great sense of empowerment and knowledge.

Certified Healing Food Specialist Program (CHFS)

Shopping readiness to purchase with education while saving money and time. Including a functional protocol for your food storage, cooking and consumption. You will understand how to stock food, cook it and keep it fresh and usable as long as possible. Read below for more details on these programs.

Weight Management

Often weight is a by-product of a dysfunction or dysregulation within the body. Once it is properly addressed the weight will correct itself to an extent on its own. First Wholistic does offer a weight management program, though I feel strongly that beginning with a nutritional consultation and protocol is most important in you health journey and we can discuss the weight management program on an individual basis. The healthy diet will come naturally based on our individually-developed Nutritional Plan. During this process we can discuss techniques to help control craving while creating a healthy work out plan that fits into your personal schedule.